For Law Firms Of All Sizes: Become The Go-To Authoriy In Your Area And Attract Clients On Autopilot

Skyrocket Local Visibility And Attract Clients Profitably With Our Unique Demand-Capture System

We compiled proven lead-generation methods to help growing law firms attract new business. Our system integrates into your business seamlessly and takes less than an hour of your time every month.

The Two Main Challenges Stopping Law Firms From Attracting New Clients

Lack Of Relevant Visibility

The struggle for online visibility is a limiting factor in how much demand a law firm can capture. 

Are you attracting enough new business? 

If the answer is “could be more…” you’re simply not present enough where potential clients are searching.

Beating Market Saturation

Most prospects will look at several firms before deciding who to contact.

To get the call your online presence has to make you stand out from the competition.

Do you present your service in a way that makes the prospect believe you have the solution to their problem?

Demand Capture For Law Firms - Your Gateway To A Constant Steam Of New Business

Our demand capture system helps you overcome these challenges.

Tailored specifically to the requirements of law firms, its implementation is seamless. It requires less than an hour of your time per month.

And most importantly, it’s profitable.

We help you stand out where it matters.

Capture and convert demand on autopilot.

Thrive with a continuous stream of new business.

Enabling you to dominate your area, whether you want to establish your top rankings…

or looking you’re to climb the ladder.

Without wasting your entire day on social media or overpaying for unqualified leads.

Professional Law Firm Websites For A Flawless First Impression

Your website is your most important touchpoint with potential clients.

This is where they decide to reach out…

or to keep looking.

Build Trust With A Client-Magnet Website

With a modern, pixel-perfect website we help you convey your commitment to professionalism.

Appear trustworthy and credible before a client even steps foot in your office.

This separates your practice from competition…

and opens the door for new, lasting client-attorney relationships.

Put Your Service In The Spotlight

Our websites do more than look good.

We highlight your areas of expertise in a way that pulls people in.

By strategically leveraging social proof we make sure there is no doubt that you are the right attorney.

Leverage Advanced Functionality

Your new website can do even more.

From analytics software, livechat, to maps and appointment scheduling:

We can implement any feature you can think of, turning your website into a real asset.

We Guarantee You'll Like It

Our Satisfaction Guarantee

All websites come with free revisions included in the contract. That way we make sure you are 100% satisfied with the website you recieve.

2 Year Warranty

In rare occasions a website can develop flaws because browsers or other software gets updated. While that's extremely unlikely, we provide you with a 2 year warranty so you're on the safe side.

Take A Look At Our Demo Websites

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Content, graphics, and development - Our websites come with everything you need.


Optimized to work and look great on all device types.


We optimize for speed so no visitors click away because of slow loading


All projects come with a baseline of security measures


All projects are uniquely designed by hand to help you stand out.

Build And Maintain Visibility With Local SEO

Local SEO is the most cost-effective way to build a lasting stream of new clients.

People that see your listing already have relevant search intent.

That makes it a valuable source of traffic.

Our approach is tailored specifically for the requirements of law firms.

It takes no more than one to two hours of your time per month to implement.

Local Visibility

Dominate your local area by capturing more demand in your vicinity.

We optimize your website & listings to increase local visibility.

That ensures you appear in relevant searches.

By improving the rankings for local search queries we ensure an effortless stream of new clients.

Be Found Where It Matters

We target a wide selection of keywords.

We optimize for local, long tail, transctional, and informational keywords.

That way we make sure your firm shows up where your clients are searching for legal help…

in turn reaching the largest amount of potential clients.

Cost-Efficient Client Acquisition

Local SEO stands out as the most cost-effective way of attracting new clients.

We simply put your law firm in front of as many eyes already looking for your service as possible.

But the more competitive your area is, the more effort and time it will take to reach a top ranking.

2024 New Years Offer

$2000+ VALUE

Invest in a new website with us and your first month of local search engine optimization will be completely free.


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Frequently Asked Questions

The price for a website varies between projects.

Our base price for a multi-page lawfirm website is 5.000 USD.

The price can increase depending on amount of content and pages, desired visual fidelity, custom graphical assets, additional landing pages, SEO optimization etc.

SEO campaigns are available as one-time optimizations or as a recurring service and are tailored specifically to your situation.

Our process are designed specifically to accomodate busy attorney schedules.

For a website you will have to attend up to two calls to share your expectations and give feedback on our deliverables.


For SEO campaigns you’ll have to spend about an hour each month.



This depends on your local level of competition and how much SEO work was already done.


Sometimes there are are noticable increases in traffic within weeks, others it takes multiple months of on-going optimization.


If you are unsure whether it’s worth it for you just book a free consultation – no strings attached.

If you decide to go for an on-going local SEO campaign you will receive monthly status reports about incoming traffic and it’s sources.

All websites come with a one-time SEO optimization. We don’t recommend skipping it. Ongoing local SEO campaigns are optional.

Already have a website you are happy with? 

You can hire us to boost it’s reach with a local SEO campaign.

In any case we recommend you book live consultation or video audit.

It’s free and will give you clarity on how you can improve your online presence.