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Acquisitions And Mergers

We’ve helped over 70 clients clients navigate the intricate landscape of acquisitions and mergers.

From due diligence to seamless integration, our experienced team ensures a strategic approach, safeguarding your interests at every turn.

Tax Law & Audits

Summit Law Group is your expert partner in managing complex tax challenges. We help clients optimize their tax positions, ensuring compliance with evolving regulations.

Our expertise extends from strategic tax planning to resolution of disputes, providing comprehensive solutions that guide your business toward fiscal success.

SBA Financing

Navigating the world of Small Business Administration (SBA) financing is made simpler with Summit Law Group.

We assist clients in accessing crucial funding through SBA programs, offering guidance on eligibility, application processes, and compliance.

Corporate Structuring

We understand that the foundation of a successful venture lies in its structure. We help clients build robust corporate structures that align with their goals.

From entity selection to governance, our tailored solutions optimize efficiency, minimize risks, and set the stage for sustained growth. 

Guiding With Experience

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"Summit Law Group played an invaluable role in our recent merger. We couldn't imagine doing it without their proactive and seamless assistance ."
John Peterson
CEO Tech Innovators Inc.
"The acquisition of my first business was made significantly smoother with Summit Law Group by my side. Their commitment and proficiency turned what could have been a stressful process into a smooth and successful endeavor."
Emily Thompson
First Time SMB Owner
"Summit Law Group, particularly under the guidance of Brian Mitchell, proved instrumental in our corporate structuring and tax matters. Their strategic counsel not only resolved our tax audit but also laid a solid foundation for our company's financial future."
Robert Miller
CFO Strategic Ventures LLC

Our Attorneys


Nathan Reynolds


A veteran in mergers and acquisitions, boasts a track record of successfully guiding clients through intricate deal structures.

With a history of leading legal teams in major corporate transactions, Nathan’s expertise ensures that Summit Law Group clients receive strategic counsel grounded in real-world experience.

Brian Mitchell


Brian has honed his skills through a career marked by advising both startups and established enterprises. With a background in managing complex tax challenges.

Brian is committed to providing Summit Law Group clients with innovative solutions that stand up to regulatory scrutiny.

Client Success Stories

Smooth Sailing for a first time SMB buyer

Read about the journey of a first-time SMB buyer as we look into details of a successful acquisition.

From initial negotiations to closing the deal, discover how Summit Law Group’s strategic guidance paved the way for a seamless and rewarding acquisition experience.

A Multi-Level LLC's Success Story

Explore the transformation of a multi-level LLC as we showcase how Summit Law Group expertly navigated the intricate process of corporate structuring on top of successfully resolving a challenging tax audit.

Learn how our tailored legal solutions propelled the business towards sustained growth and compliance.

Legal Insights: Explore Our Knowledge Base

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Safeguarding Your M&A: The Role of Legal Due Diligence
Explore the critical importance of legal due diligence in M&A transactions. This post sheds light on the key components of the process, providing practical tips to ensure a thorough examination of legal risks and opportunities before sealing the deal.
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Navigating the SBA 7(a) Loan: A Step-by-Step Guide
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