Welcome to the web-xp devblog. There are many like it, but this one is better than most because not only will you find web development related content here, but we will also look at how the best marketers across different industries implement these techniques in their online presence (including websites, ads, social media, copywriting, content marketing, graphic design) to get the most out of their time and resources spent on advertising. I enjoy nerding out about fancy CSS animations as much as the next webdev – but this is not what this blog is about. It’s about marketing methods that serve a measurable, real life purpose. Tangible and effective.

Meaning: Sooner or later you WILL find and learn about methods YOU can implement in your marketing on a strategic, tactical and executive level – and use it to get ahead of your competition. I guarantee it. Have a topic in mind you would like to see discussed here? Feel free to reach out. Comments and critiques are also encouraged, preferably via Twitter or Email.




Website speed – Why it matters, how it’s measured, and how to achieve it.

Each one-second delay drops the conversion rate by around 7%. Slightly more if you run an online store. 
In the real world that means, if your store does $10k a month in sales, a one-second delay in page load costs you around $250.000 in annual revenue. That’s a lot of money.
Knowing that it’s probably worth it to optimize.

Methods attorneys use on their website to get clients – that you can steal

Depending on their area of practice, most lawyers won’t be able to generate demand. Nobody goes to a lawyer because there’s a good deal available. That makes their marketing situation unique – and arguably harder compared to most other industries. An interesting challenge to solve with a website.