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Personal Injury • Civil Rights • Employment and Labor

Welcome to Harrison Attorneys at Law, your reliable ally in legal matters.

Whether you’re facing challenges in your personal or professional life, we prioritize your rights, offering personalized advocacy to secure the best possible outcome.

Our Practice Areas

Personal Injury Law

Car Accidents

Injuries resulting from motor vehicle accidents, including cars, motorcycles, and trucks.

Medical Malpractice

Negligence or errors by healthcare professionals leading to patient injuries.

Workplace Injuries

Injuries sustained while on the job, including construction accidents.

Civil Rights Law

Police Misconduct

Cases involving excessive force, false arrest, or other abuses of power by law enforcement.

First Amendment Issues

Cases related to freedom of speech, religion, and assembly.

Education Rights

Cases involving discrimination or denial of rights in educational institutions.

Employment and Labor Law

Wrongful Termination

Unlawful termination of an employment contract.

Employment Contract Disputes

Legal issues arising from the interpretation or breach of employment contracts.


Cases involving a hostile work environment due to harassment or bullying.

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Meet The Team

Emma Harrison

Personal Injury

With a passion for justice, Emma Miller is a seasoned personal injury lawyer dedicated to championing the rights of accident victims. 

Her commitment to securing fair compensation is matched only by her empathetic approach, ensuring clients feel supported throughout their legal journey.

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Sophia Rodriguez

Civil Rights

Sophia is a fierce advocate for civil rights, fighting against discrimination and injustice.

With a track record of groundbreaking cases, she fearlessly stands up for her clients, embodying the principles of equality and justice in every legal battle.

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Daniel Turner

Employment and Labor

Daniel Turner specializes in employment and labor law, safeguarding the rights of workers in diverse industries.

Known for his strategic legal counsel, Daniel is dedicated to creating fair and equitable workplaces, ensuring employees have a strong ally in their corner.

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Road to Recovery: A Successful Car Accident Case
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Confronting Police Misconduct Head-On
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Decisive Victory in Wage and Hour Dispute
Explore a successful wage and hour dispute case where Harrison secured rightful compensation for our client, ensuring fair treatment in the workplace.
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